Preferred applicants for all vacancies at Corrections must pass a drug test before they can take up any position.

Our concern is solely with illicit drug use or the misuse of prescription drugs.

The drug test will involve urine screening at an approved centre. During your recruitment process you will be provided with information on the location of the centre and the information you are required to bring along.

Corrections will cover the cost of the test, however you’ll need to any cover travel costs. There are many approved testing centres, and we will make every effort to find a testing centre as convenient for you as possible.

Test results (other than pass/fail advice to the manager of the position applied for) are confidential to the testing centre, our Senior Adviser Health and Safety, and our authorised vetting staff.

You will be asked to sign the consent form  at the testing centre, and your signature on the form will be witnessed there.

Want to know more?

An information sheet and consent form are available for download.

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