With Cirrus 2 you have the opportunity to integrate to Aircall.

Aircall offers an increadebly smooth and modern cloud-based phone system for both sales and support-teams.

A perfect match for Cirrus 2 😍

Start by signing up with Aircall and then proceed with the following steps to setup! 👇

  1. Sign up with Aircall.io

  2. Click here to download the Aircall extension for your Chrome browser!

  3. Now head over to the Microsoft Store to download the Aircall widget. Click here to open the page for downloading.

  4. Now it's time to download the mobile app. Head to App Store or Google Play and search for "Aircall". Now install ✅

  5. The next step is to create your activity types in Cirrus. One for incoming calls and one for outgoing.
    We highly recommend you to only use these activity types for Aircall usage. Not for other activites in Cirrus.
    You can of course name them what you want.
    Go to Other > Settings > Categories and Activity Type. On your right side you will see "Add New"

  6. For our next step we head back to Aircall to setup the integration.
    Login to your Aircall account.

  7. Choose Integrations on the menu to the left.

  8. Search for Care of CRM and choose to install ✅

  9. Now it's time to pick activity types. Here you choose the activity types that you created in Cirrus (step 5 of this instruction)
    Click Continue to proceed!

  10. Then authorize the integration to access information by pressing the green Authorize-button.

  11. You can connect the numbers you want to integrate here. More numbers can be added or removed at a later time.

  12. After proceeding you will get a confirmation on the screen and everything is done. you can close the window and start sharing information between the systems.
    Good job! 🎉

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