Start by navigating to your Admin Settings>Billing Information and then select +Billing Information

You will be creating a profile for each clearinghouse

Enter the Profile Name (likely the name of the clearinghouse you want to use) and then select the clearinghouse from the options below.

Enter your billing information. Remember that you need to add the ZIP code extension.

Enter the Provider details for this specific clearinghouse

Complete the Submitter details

Once the admin settings are done, navigate to the Payer Profiles

Edit each payer for which you will need to submit EDI claims

Navigate to the Billing tab of the Payer Profile and then select the Profile (clearinghouse) that you will be using to submit claims for this payer.

Once the set-up is done, you will bill as usual. As long as you have selected the Profile on the payer’s billing tab, the EDI file you create will be formatted correctly for the clearing house you use for that payer.

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