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In this article, we will give you a very quick guide on the first thing to do so you can start using Caretaskr straight away (and if you need further explanations, please consult the more in-depth articles)

Step 1 - Create items in your Price Book

Navigate to the Settings Menu and find the Price Book Section.

There are 2 ways you can choose to create your Price Items:

  • Importing items directly from the NDIS Support Catalogue, or

  • Adding/Creating custom items

Quick tip: you can create items that are unique to your business and are not related to NDIS (for example monthly subscriptions, weekend retreats or other products and services)

Step 2 - Add Employees or Staff Members

Navigate to the Employees menu and select the "Employees" option. Click on "Add Employee"

Every time you add a new employee, Caretaskr will send an email to the user asking to set a password (this email have a 24hs expiration period, and you can re-send the invitation if needed). Once the password is created, the user will be granted access to Caretaskr.

When creating the new employee profile you will be asked to select the "System Role" for this user. they are:

  • Owner: full access and permissions + control over Caretaskr Account

  • Manager: full access and permissions

  • User: basic access and permissions

Quick TIP: you can customise and create your own levels of access and permissions using "Custom User Role". They are available at the User Level.

For more info on Creating Care Plans, click here.

Step 3 - Add your clients and their Care Plan

Quickly add new clients to your business by accessing the Client Records Menu and clicking on "Add Client".

Care Plans

After creating the client profile, you will need to create a Care Plan for that client. the Care Plan is a "funding bucket" and can have only 1 payment method. Several Care Plans can be created in parallel for that client if you need to.

Care Plans contains the information that will be used to generate and dispatch invoices to customers!

Quick Tip: by default, we create a Care Plan for each client you create. Edit this Care Plan to avoid excessive Care Plans in your customer record 😉

Step 4 - Create appointments

You are ready to create the first appointments for your clients. There are a few ways to create appointments in Caretaskr (quick actions, client profile, appointments menu). but the most common one is adding directly in your calendar view.

Simply double click on the timeslot you want to create an Appointment and enter the information requested:

Quick Tip: use the "Appointment Type" to speed up your billing process. Navigate to the Settings Menu to tailor the appointment types to your own needs.

Step 5 - Create Billable Entries

Billable Entries contain billable items which are the individual items you want to charge your client.

There are several ways to create Billable Entries in Caretaskr (Quick Actions Menu, inside the Client Record or Checking in/Out from an appointment)

You can add (and remove) multiple items to the same Billable Entry, as well as enter Shift Notes and Internal Notes.

Quick Tip: don't forget to select the correct Care Plan for your client.

Step 6 - Invoicing or charging for your services

In Caretaskr you charge your client in 2 ways:

  • Creating payment requests to be claimed directly within NDIS (PRODA) or

  • Sending Invoices

Both options can be done either automatically or manually and you can turn ON/OFF whenever you want. Navigate to the Setting Menu and access the "Invoice & Statement "settings under the finance section.


If automated, invoices will be sent automatically to your clients, according to the information contained in their Care Plan(s).

You can find all invoices generated in the Finance Menu or inside a client record.

NDIS Bulk Upload and Statements

Statements will be generated once you create the Bulk Upload file to be uploaded in PRODA. you can download the CSV file by accessing the Finance Menu, clicking on "NDIS Payment Requests" and clicking on the download button.

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