To create new users in Caretaskr, please do the following:

Access the "Employees" menu and click on "Add Employee" button on the top right corner.

Please fill all the mandatory fields in the "Employee Details" and "Emergency Contact" tabs.

Quick Tip: One of the most important parts of adding a new employee is selecting the "System Role". By default, you can choose between Owner, Manager or User (with the option to select and/or create Custom Permission to fit your specific needs). If you need detailed information please check the article Managing Roles & Permissions.

Once you click save, you will have the option to add Accreditations to that user. for more details, please check our What's user accreditations article.

Once you save all details, Caretaskr will send an email to the new user asking to set up a password. Only then, the new user will be activated and would be able to access Caretaskr. The email will be valid for 24h only.

Done, the new user should be up and running! 😄

Quick tip: If the user does not set up a password within 24hs, you can re-send the invitation to join caretaskr by clicking on the "mail" icon.

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