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Adding new clients

How to add new clients to your account

Written by Dave Newman
Updated over a week ago

It's pretty straightforward to add new clients in Caretaskr.

Navigate to "Client Record" on the left menu and click on "Add Client".

You will find 4 tabs. they are:

  1. Client Basic Details: general information about your client

  2. About Me: information about their preferences

  3. Address: Location for contact and/or services

  4. Connections: contact details for close people or companies of this client

Fill in all the mandatory fields within the tabs and click "Save" once finished.

Quick tip #1: you have available 3 fields to organise your clients according to your preferences or needs. They are:

  • Client Classification

  • Client Type

  • Client Status

All of them can be managed in Settings and you can edit, delete or add new ones as you wish. By default, we give you suggestions of what to use in each of the fields, but feel free to customise 😉

Quick tip #2: use the Connections tab to add contacts or companies related to this specific client. Don't worry, you can add them later.

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