We are different in that we don’t offer basic checks. Instead, we offer you a lot of information on as many vehicles as you need, all for just one monthly subscription. As a subscribed user you also get 2 buyer’s guides completely free and any additional ones at a discounted rate.

At CarGuide we’ve turned the paid car check model on its head by developing a fully comprehensive, easy to use subscription car checking and comparison platform. It’s a platform that uses artificial intelligence to give you a detailed breakdown of any car’s past and what’s more, it can also tell you about its future.

How are we able to do this? We’ve amassed over 700m data points on MOTs, repair costs and vehicle servicing from across the UK. Machine learning then allows us to take that information and offer excellent predictions on future component failure. So, not only are we providing you with an accurate assessment of a car’s past, but we’re also giving you a clear picture of its future. 

Along with predictions on future repairs, we can also offer a breakdown of future running costs on a monthly basis and report on whether a car might be stolen, written off or carrying outstanding finance. 

  • A car buying company that’s on your side

  • Helping you to get the best deal for your money

  • Monthly access, with unlimited checks which include data such as outstanding finance, stolen/scrapped status and more!

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