As long as people use your unique link to check their vehicle’s recall status, we’ll be able to track whether or not an eligible vehicle gets fixed.

So what is considered an eligible vehicle?

Vehicles are determined eligible based on the Priority Group* assigned to the vehicle. Only the highest Priority Groups are currently eligible for bonuses.

*Priority groups are currently defined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For more information visit

We are working hard to bring more manufacturers on board so we can expand the list of eligible vehicles and reward more of our ambassadors. However, you can still earn rewards by completing missions. You can exchange your earned CarmaCoin for a promo card on the Bitmo app, which has a wide selection of brands you can choose from. 

We also have special events from time to time where you can earn extra rewards for things like finding Takata airbags in vehicles across all brands. Keep an eye out for these emails with special promotions.

Note: you will not receive the $55 reward for fixing your own vehicle.

The $55 reward is a way to reward people for raising awareness and prompting friends and family members to get their vehicles fixed.

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