Proof of Age

As an over 18s nightclub we do ask that you carry ID so as to prove your age. We accept the following as proof of age:

  • Passport

  • Drivers License

  • Validate UK cards

Please note we do not accept photocopies

Student ID

CRISIS is primarily a student night, but we do allow non-students in certain circumstances. We permit non-students to attend CRISIS with other students as a ratio of 1:1. So for example if you have a friend from home coming up, so long as they are with a carded UoN student it is fine.

We also permit graduate groups to return to CRISIS if they have been unable to truly let go. They need to contact us in advance just to let us know.

Large non-UoN groups may not be admitted if security feel there is reason to suspect fighting might occur.

Lost your student ID?

It is preferable for you to carry your student card. However, so long as you are with a student group it will temporarily be fine.

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