It takes about 60 seconds to create and activate your account. Once activated, your job is done and it's our turn to make magic.

Install the app from Shopify App Store

The first step is you have to go to Shopify App Store and search for Cartloop then add it to your store. 

Click on 'Install app'

Create your account

While you set up your account, your Shopify store will be synced in the background.

Confirm your phone number and email address. Then, add your shipping information for Domestic and International. This is important for the Cartloop support team to know when discussing with your customers.

Read a brief description of how Cartloop works and click on 'Continue'.

Setup your brand personality. Brand personality is the voice behind the conversations that suits your brand the most. You can choose between: 

  • Emma (Casual)

  • Noah (Professional)

  • Hailey (Classy)

  • Mia (Promotional)

  • Zoey (Quirky)

Each one has an example of what the conversation would look like.

Set a discount 

The discount you set up during onboarding will be automatically generated into your Shopify Store and this will be the discount offered to people who abandoned their carts. Choose a percentage and click on 'Generate my code' then 'Set discount'. 

If you want to offer another kind of offer or deal, such as Free Shipping, you can contact us and we'll do it for you.

Optimize your checkout

In order to collect phone numbers from people who accepted marketing, you need to optimize your checkout from Shopify. 

  1. Go to Shopify Settings > Checkout

  2. In the Customer contact section select 'Customers can only check out using email'

  3. Scroll down to Form options > Shipping address phone number > Select 'Optional' or 'Required'

  4. Continue scrolling down to Marketing consent > SMS Marketing > Check "Show an option to subscribe at checkout"

  5. All done on the first page, make sure you press the SAVE button (right upper corner of the page or right button corner)

  6. Scroll down to the last section, "Checkout Language" > press "Manage Checkout Language". Here, you can customize what language appears alongside the opt-in checkbox

  7. In Checkout & Systems:

    1. Search for "Accept SMS Checkbox label" and add the text you want to have when shoppers opt-in for SMS. (e.g. : Text me exclusive news and deals). 🔎Tip: You can enter in the search bar "Marketing" or "SMS" to help you quickly locate the Checkout marketing section.

    2. Search for "Optional" in the search bar and look for Checkout Contact > Optional Phone Label. Here, you can add the following text: Phone for support, offers and updates from the team

Select a plan 

Done, click on 'View my dashboard' to get started with Cartloop.

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