Cartloop pricing plans are performance-based, meaning your monthly plan will be based on how much revenue Cartloop generates for your store.

Two questions often asked are "What is Cartloop generated revenue?" or "How does Cartloop attribute the generated revenue?". Let's look at each of them:

What is Cartloop generated revenue?

Is the amount of transactional, trackble revenue Cartloop directly generates for your store.

How does Cartloop attribute the generated revenue?

Cartloop only attributes revenue that is directly trackable through the text messages we're sending to shoppers. We attribute the generated revenue when one or both conditions are met during a conversation:

  1. Shopper clicks on the unique link sent by Cartloop (

  2. Shopper use a discount code created by Cartloop: CLXX or a dynamic discount code.

What happens if Cartloop Experts® converts a shopper but they don't click nor use the Cartloop discount?

The sale will not be attributed to Cartloop if none of the conditions above are met, thus you will not be charged. Sales funnels can get quite complex and at Cartloop we simplifies that process.

Let's take a loot at this scenario: a shopper has a conversation with a Cartloop Expert® and after multiple messages exchanges the shopper decides to purchase. The shoppers return to complete the purchase on desktop, without clicking the link provided by the Expert® and without using the discount code. That sale will not be attribued to Cartloop, this it won't be added to your monthly invoice.

How do I know how much revenue Cartloop generated for my store?

On the main dashboard you will see Total Revenue. That's the amount Cartloop generated for your store in the past 7, 30 or 90 days.

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