What are 2-Way Campaigns?

2-Way Campaigns are SMS marketing campaigns, with a twist. Unlike the regular SMS blasts, which are one-off campaigns, Cartloop's 2-Way Campaigns are based on 1:1 interaction with the shoppers.

Let me explain it a little better.

1-Way Campaigns

2-Way Campaigns

One-off blasts


Receiver cannot reply

Receiver can reply

Little to no personalization

Highly personalized

Lack of support or assistance

24/7 support and assistance

The way they work is quite simple: you send the campaign to a segmented list and when someone replies to that campaign our Live Experts will take over the conversation just like the way we do with abandoned carts. So this means zero maintenance or support for the campaigns from your side.

This way, you will be able to craft your own messages and send offers, news, updates, or just nurture your customer base, knowing they can reply and get instant support at any time.

If you want to send it to a specific segment of your audience, make sure you create it before crafting the campaign.

How to create a 2-Way Campaign?

You can create a campaign by clicking on "Campaigns" on the left sidebar > "New Campaign".

Need more guidance? Read here How to launch a 2-Way Campaign 🚀

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