Campaigns are one-offs sends to a segment of (or your entire) subscriber base. As opposed to automations which are multi-event and are triggered by an action (ex: someone abandoning their cart), campaigns are the way to let your subscribers know about something all at once. That something can be new products, sales/promotions, a deal-of-the-day, etc.

And the best part is, they are conversational.

Here's how it all works: you send the campaign to a segmented list and when someone replies to that campaign our Live Experts will take over the conversation just like the way we do with abandoned carts. So this means zero maintenance or support for the campaigns from your side.

What are Credits?

Credits are the "cost" of sending a text. Depending on the location, certain texts cost more credits.

  • 1 text = 2 Credits for US/CA

  • 1 text = 8 credits for AUS/UK

For example, if you want to send a campaign to all of your 15K US subscribers, you would want to grab around 300K credits. Also, the more credits you get, the bigger your bonus will be.

You can purchase Campaign Credits directly from your Cartloop account here.

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