You can create a 2-Way Campaign by clicking on "Campaigns" on the left sidebar > "New Campaign".

Now let's create a Valentine's Day campaign for a fictional fashion brand.

1. Name your Campaign - keep it short & sweet

2. Choose your audience

You can choose a pre-built Segment or create a new one. You can learn how to create Segments here.

In this case, we'll choose All Subscribers.

3. Craft your message

Copywriting Tips ✍🏼

  • Succinct Copy β†’ Treat the first few words like an email subject line

  • Caps for Emphasis β†’ Emphasize important words with all caps but do so sparingly

  • Formatting β†’ Use spaces between sentences to create the impression of a clean message. (it doesn't cost extra to format the message the right way)

  • Emojis πŸ“± β†’ You can use (on-brand) emojis to add visual excitement & emotion (note: emojis may cost more)

  • Sense of Urgency β†’ Encourage the subscriber to act immediately

  • Call to Action β†’ End by telling your customer exactly what step to take next

  • Keep it sweet & short β†’ Stay under 160 characters for a catchy, easy-to-read text

Brand voice πŸ₯°

  • Keep your brand's voice across all mediums including SMS.

  • Your shoppers will relate more to your texts and sense the familiarity

Link positioning πŸ”—

The positioning of your link inside the message is important. We recommend placing the link at the very end of a message so that the link displays a preview on the recipient’s phone. People are more likely to click a link preview than a hypertext link.

  • Smart Sending - If this checkbox is checked, subscribers who received a message in the past 8 hours will not receive the message. We recommend you check it.

4. Preview your campaign and test it out

This step allows you to view your text and sent it to your phone to preview it.

To get a preview on your phone, click on β€œSend text message” and input your phone number, then click on "Send test".

5. Review & schedule your campaign

In the last step you can review your Campaign Details, then you can schedule the campaign by clicking β€œSchedule at date & time”.

The calendar will reflect the time zone you're currently in. Once selected, choose a time.

6. Confirm and doneπŸŽ‰

After you're done with reviewing and scheduling, click on "Schedule Campaign" from the right low corner and confirm.

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