Cartloop offers five different brand personalities, so you can choose the one that fits your brand tone and voice the most. By changing the brand personality, you are choosing the format of the first message that will be used or contacting shoppers.

You can change your personality in the settings section right here.

Here are the five personalities:

Emma (Casual)

Example: Hey Alex, this is Emma from Naturals I see you were checking out Naturals Bio Lipstick. Great choice! Want me to see if I can get you a discount?

Zoey (Quirky)

Example: Hi Alex, Zoey from Naturals here. I see you set eyes on our Naturals Bio Lipstick. Lovely choice! Want me to check if there is a discount available for you?

Mia (Promotional)

Example: Hi Alex, this is Mia from Naturals. Nice choice with the Naturals Bio Lipstick! Want me to hook you up with our best discount?

Hailey (Classy)

Example: Hello Alex, this is Hailey from Naturals. I see you were checking our Naturals Bio Lipstick. Did you want me to see if I can find you a discount?

Noah (Professional)

Example: Hi Alex, this is Noah from Naturals. I saw you were looking at our Naturals Bio Lipstick. Want me to see if I can get you a discount or help with anything?

💡Tip: If you're not sure which one to choose we recommend "Emma", as it generally performs the best.

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