By default, when you install Cartloop you will benefit from 250 free credits. During your freemium, our Concierge Experts will take over your conversations and you’ll have access to all core features

Note that:

  • Your credits will not expire after 30 days

  • If you use your entire 250 credits, you will begin regular billing for additional messages sent.


  • What happens if I haven’t used all of my free usage credit by the end of my first 30 days at Cartloop?

    • Our Freemium has no expiration date. You will benefit from your free credits for an unlimited period.

  • What happens if I use all of my free usage credit and I did not select any plan?

    • You will automatically qualify for the first package of credits and be billed accordingly

  • What happens if I selected a plan before using my Freemium?

    • The Freemium will be used prior to your selected plan. Once the credits from Freemium are used, you’ll automatically switch to the package selected.

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