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Talking to your clients about entering their bank login details
Talking to your clients about entering their bank login details

Help your clients understand how Credit Ready's speed, convenience and bank-level security can streamline their application.

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Although data-scraping is widely used by companies like SocietyOne, Tic:Tik Home Loans, ZipMoney, AMP, MYOB, and Xero, many people still hesitate to adopt the technology. To read more about data-scraping see this article.

ASIC and the ACCC gave a green light to data-scraping technology in Feb 2020, noting they were unaware of any instances of harm being done. To read more check out this article from the time.

Having a conversation about the benefits and high-level security used in the app is the best way to ensure they feel comfortable. If you value Credit Ready's convenience, safety and speed, most clients will too.

So here are some talking points to consider.


Your clients' primary concern will certainly be security.  We take care to explain our bank-level security processes inside the app and have a simple video and a detailed explanation of our security procedures you can share with your clients. Most however will just want a simple assurance from you. 

We also have a great webinar which will give you some sound knowledge on the subject. If you prefer to watch a recorded version please see below.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • We take security and privacy extremely seriously and fully accept the banks' approach in not actively recommending third-party apps—it would reduce the value their customers place on security. 

  • Statement retrieval credentials are stored only for a short period of time and, apart from the few seconds used to login to your bank, are always encrypted. 

  • In the extremely unlikely event that credentials somehow made their way into the wrong hands, most banks use two-factor authentication to move money—like a pin number sent to a mobile phone. To commit fraud, someone would need your mobile phone as well as your credentials

  • As far as we're aware there has not been a case anywhere in the world where a bank has refused to support their customer as a result of using this type of service. 

  • Finally, if you are concerned about using the service, feel free to change your password after use which completely alleviates any concerns you or your bank may have about how your credentials may be used in the future.
    (Note if you do suggest a client change their passwords, please ask them to wait 30 minutes after completing the process. Logging in too early will interrupt the connection and you will need to begin again.)

For more on these points head here.


  • Speed and convenience. Rather than spending a few nights trying to track down all the statements you need—to then find something's missing, Credit Ready will allow you to complete the process in a few minutes.

  • The accuracy is unparalleled. Coming directly from the bank in real-time means that the quality of the statements is up to date, correct, and complete. 

  • Customisable categorisation will allow for to tidying up your statements if need be, streamlining the application process with the lender. 

  • CashDeck is rated Excellent with Trustpilot, with our clients rating us 4.3 out of 5. 

Security Collateral for your Clients

We have developed a short 1-page .docx that contains 5 key points about the security of your client's information.

This short video can be shared with your clients to give them an idea on how to easily work through the process.

We hope this offers some practical help in talking to your clients about Credit Ready. For more help feel free to reach out via online chat. 

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