The six-character pairing code that displays on the Activate this device screen is used to install the Catalog Kiosk application on a new device. Use the pairing code to activate the new device in the Catalog App Manager (CAM). 


Follow the steps below to add the device to the CAM using the pairing code:

1. Use the Chrome browser to log into the Catalog App Manager (CAM) using your email address and password credentials.

2. Click the Devices tab in the top navigation.

3. Click the Add new device button in the Devices panel on the left.

4. Create a new device by completing the following required information:

  • Name (required):  Enter a unique name for the device that will allow it to be easily identified (i.e. location in the store).

  • Pairing Code (required): Enter the 6-character pairing code from the device. Click here to learn more about how to download the Catalog Kiosk app and obtain the pairing code.

  • Address (required): Enter the physical address where the device is located.

  • Timezone: Click the arrow and select the time-zone where the device is located from the drop-down menu.

  • Device Group: Click the device group where the device belongs, if applicable.

5. Click the Finish button.

The Device screen displays once the Catalog Kiosk app is activated.

6.  Click the Settings tab in the left side menu to configure additional customization beyond what is imported from the Device Group.

7.  The Catalog Kiosk app downloads all the products and images.

Catalog Kiosk App

The Attractor Screen displays once the Catalog Kiosk app is fully operational.

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