Follow these tips for providing a great candidate experience to ensure people love working with you.

When candidates enjoy themselves, they’re more likely to keep applying for your shifts, which will help you build a pool of regular staff and get consistency from Catapult staff.

  1. Make Catapult staff feel welcome by introducing yourself and the team and get them involved in your pre shift briefing.
  2. Show them where they can store their personal items and/or get changed, and let them know of any rules you have (ie. do they need to have their phone locked away?).
  3. Show them where the toilets and emergency exits are.
  4. If they’re entitled to a break, let them know their break schedule and show them where the break areas are.
  5. Let them know who their site/floor manager is.
  6. Show them where stock is kept and explain when they need to restock.
  7. Explain how you like the store/venue to operate during full service, so they know what to prioritise during busy periods.
  8. Make sure they know if they’re floating or need to stay in their station throughout the shift?
  9. Provide details of your customer base, so they can anticipate customer needs and expectations.
  10. Make sure you fill them in on any recipes/standard orders/customer sales they need to know.

Ask if they have any questions about the shift.

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