You're able to customize the branding on your donation form to match your own in just a few easy steps.

 Step 1: Navigate to your Design Editor by selecting it from the top navigation.

Step 2: Remove the CauseVox logo by hovering your mouse over the Logo section and clicking "Remove."

Step 3: Upload your own logo under 1100px W x 175px H.

Step 4: Select Header Background from the "Colors and Background" menu on the left.

Then, change the background color to match your own branding, or upload a background image.

Tip: The background image will appear different sizes based on the size of the browser window. It's best to upload an image that can repeat, or looks okay when only seen in part. We don't have recommendations for header image sizing.

Step 5: Select a color for your content headings that match your brand.

Step 6: Select a button color that matches your brand.

Tip: We recommend using the brightest color as your Donate Button color.

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