You can add and import contacts into CauseVox so you can keep track of the activity of your community online over time.

Here's how you can add a contact or import a contact.

Step 1: Navigate to your Community and select the "Create/Import Contacts" button in the upper right corner.

Step 2: If you're looking to add contacts one by one, you can select "Create a New Contact" and enter in the information.

If you're looking to upload a list of contacts, you can select "Import Contacts." Once you have a formatted file, you can select Browse Files and select your spreadsheet.

In order to import your contacts your CSV or Excel file must be formatted correctly.   The first row of your spreadsheet are the headings that correspond to a data field in each contact.   Each additional row after the heading row will correspond to an individual contact.

There is currently a maximum limit of 5000 rows per uploaded spreadsheet.  You'll want to split up your contacts into multiple spreadsheets if you exceed more than 5000 contacts. 

You can download a sample spreadsheet here to get started or to use as an example.

Supported Data Fields

When importing your contacts only the e-mail field is required.  However, we recommend adding as much information with each contact so you can gain better insights over your community.  The following supported fields are listed below.  Your column headings must match these exactly or that field will not be imported.


  • This field is required

  • The e-mail of the contact


  • The phone number of the contact


  • The first name of the contact


  • The last name of the contact


  • The first line of the address of the contact


  • The second line of the address of the contact


  • The city of the contact


  • The state of the contact


  • The zip or postal code of the contact


  • The country of the contact


  • The notes associated with the contact

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