Custom fields are an easy way for you to ask your fundraiser questions or collect additional info from your fundraisers on CauseVox. Here are four examples of what you can do with this powerful feature:

  1. Find out the best way to connect with fundraisers (email, social media, etc) and ask for additional contact information
  2. Ask fundraisers for their t-shirt size if you’re running an athletic event.
  3. Figure out where fundraisers heard about your campaign/organization (through a friend, online, etc).
  4. Opportunity to select any rewards for fundraising.

Here’s how you you easily set up custom fields for your fundraiser signup form:

Step 1: Login to your CauseVox Admin account and select your Fundraising Site.

Step 2: Go to your Settings, and select Add Field under Fundraiser Custom Fields.

Step 3: Input your custom questions.

Step 4: Go to your fundraiser signup form on your live campaign site. After account creation (or logging in), you'll see your custom fields on the first step of setup.

You’ll be able to see a fundraiser’s custom field answers by finding their page and selecting edit details from the dropdown menu, or on their fundraiser data export.

Custom fields are available on the Standard Plan.

If you're looking to use Custom Fields for event registration, here's our best practices.

If you're looking to use Custom Fields for a Race, here's our best practices.

 If you have any questions on custom fields and how to use it, contact us at

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