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How And When Does My Donation Reach The CauseVox Fundraising Site Owner?

It depends on which transaction processing option the CauseVox fundraising site has enabled. Most donations on CauseVox reach the bank accounts of the fundraising site owner within one week.

Can I Donate Without Creating A PayPal Account?

If the fundraising campaign site you are donating on uses PayPal to process donations, you can either login to your PayPal account to donate or pay by credit/debit card.

Just click on the “Pay with a credit or debit card” option (see below)

I’m Having A Hard Time Donating Through PayPal. What Do I Do?

One of the most common errors is that your credit card has already been associated with a PayPal account. Just select “Pay with a PayPal account” to login and complete your donation. If you do not remember your login or password, select “Problem with login?”

If you have made transactions on PayPal without creating an account, PayPal will require you to create a PayPal account if your credit card has reached the lifetime max of $4000 in transactions.

Unfortunately, if you are encountering trouble while on a PayPal screen, it is an issue with PayPal and your questions should be directed to PayPal Support.

How Do I Donate By Check?

We do not take check donations on CauseVox. Please contact the CauseVox fundraising site owner and snail mail a check to their address. They will be able to add your offline donation into CauseVox so that the progress counter reflects your donation.

Will My Donation Still Be Accepted Once The End Date Is Reached?

Yes. You can still donate after the end date hits zero.

What Should My Donation Receipt Look Like?

Donation receipts are sent via email to the address that you input while donation. All donation receipts include your transaction information at the very least.

Donation receipts are customizable so how they look vary on what the CauseVox fundraising site administrator setup.

I Have A Question About My Donation, Who Can I Contact?

It depends on how you donated. Here are the general options:

  • If you donated with PayPal, please visit their help center or contact the nonprofit you donated to.
  • If you donated by credit/debit card or check, please contact the CauseVox fundraising site administrator directly.

What Happens To The Donor Information Once It Is Received? Does CauseVox Use The Donor’s Information?

All donor information belongs to the campaign organizer. CauseVox does not solicit or market donor information. The donor information is kept on file for record keeping and audit purposes.

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