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We're a Canadian organization, can donors donate in CAD?

Yes! When you’re setting up your campaign on CauseVox, you’re able to switch you campaign from running in USD to CAD (or many other currencies available). 

Can we withdraw our funds in CAD as well?

Yes! When a donor gives, you’ll receive their donation in the chosen currency in your Stripe or PayPal account. No conversion costs apply, if your donors are using a CAD debit/credit card.

You can see the full list of currencies that are supported by PayPal and Stripe here.

How does receipting work?

We work with Canadian charities and they use our custom donation receipt feature to make sure it meets the requirements of the Canadian Revenue Agency.

CauseVox provides the following information automatically:

  • the serial number of the transaction (via a unique transaction ID)
  • the day or year donation was received
  • the full name and address of the donor
  • the amount of the gift

We also allow you to customize the receipt so that you can manually add in:

  • a statement that it is an official receipt for income tax purposes
  • the name and address of the charity as on file with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • the charity's registration number
  • the place or locality where the receipt was issued;
  • the signature of an individual authorized by the charity to acknowledge donations (embeddable as an HTML image)
  • the name and website address of the Canada Revenue Agency.

For more information about Canadian Revenue Agency requirements, please visit their site here.

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