You can edit your fundraising page's end date, fundraising goal, page URL, and your preferred social sharing image by clicking the "Manage Page" tab. You'll automatically be directed to the General section.

Here, you can edit:

  • The Page URL: This is the link to your Personal Fundraising Page. We advise our users to keep it short so that it is easy to remember.
  • Goal Amount: You can specify your donation target here, i.e the amount you intend to raise for your campaign.
  • End Date: To maintain an end date is optional.You can specify an end date for your individual fundraising effort, or keep it in line with the date specified on your campaign’s main site.
  • Social Sharing: Upload an image, title, and description that you'd like to be seen when your page is shared on Facebook

Disclaimer: If you find you update your sharing image and description and it doesn't show up right away, here's how you can fix it: How To Solve Potential Facebook Sharing Issues

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