View Your Team

Teams are pages that fundraisers can join to fundraise as a group. Under the "Manage Page" tab, you can navigate to your Teams from the menu on the left. Here, you'll see a list of any teams you've joined.

To get to the live team page, you can click on the team page title.

*If you'd like to join a team, you can navigate to the Explore tab on the top menu to view teams and select one to join. Here's how you can Join A Team.

Edit Your Team

If you're a team admin, you'll see an edit button on the right of your team that you can use to edit your team photo, name, URL, funding goal, and social sharing image and description at anytime.

Once selected, you'll be taken to the team setting page where you can update your team.

Step 3: If you wish you can edit the social sharing image, title, and description to create what it looks like when your page is shared on Facebook.

Create A New Team

Step 1: From the Teams tab, you can even create your own Team by clicking on the "New Team" button in the upper right corner of your campaign site and entering in the Team info. 

Step 2: You'll then be able to enter in your team photo, team title, team URL, and Team Funding Goal.

You have the option to join and create as many Teams as you want.

For more information on how teams work, view our support article How Do Team Pages Work?

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