When you login to your CauseVox admin account, you’re automatically brought to your Insights dashboard.

Your Insights dashboard helps you to visualize and monitor your fundraising performance and track the growth of your community in real-time.

In the Insights dashboard you’ll see a number of metrics which include:

  • Graph with fundraising progress, viewed in number of donations and amount raised overall. (Year-to-date)
  • Top recent donations
  • Top active campaigns (all time)
  • Top active donation pages (all time)
  • Top active fundraisers (all time)
  • Top active teams (all time) 
  • Recent contacts

With these metrics all in one place, you’re equipped to:

  • Easily view your fundraising progress from a top level
  • Spot fundraising trends
  • Identify recent activity to take action on
  • Track individual campaign performance, personal fundraisers, donation pages, and recurring donors with ease. 

The Insights Dashboard also makes it easy to share your fundraising results and growth with your entire team and board in one easy-to-understand snapshot, and  uncovers the data you need to make decisions that will help you grow. 

Have questions about the Insights dashboard? Email us at support@causevox.com

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