Password Help for CBRE Plans

Changing or resetting your password.

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If you have a CBRE email, you will need to use the SSO log-in option, which is linked to your CBRE account. For any issues with your CBRE account password, you will need to reach out to your local CBRE Service Desk centre for further assistance.

If you do not have a CBRE email, to reset your password, click on “Forgot Password?” on the sign in page at

You can also change your current password when you are logged in, by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the page and selecting “Account”.

What are Plans password requirements?

Choosing a strong password is an important part of ensuring a secure application. All passwords must:

  • Be a minimum of eight (8) characters in length 

  • Contain at least one (1) character from three (3) of the following categories: 

  • Uppercase letter (A-Z) 

  • Lowercase letter (a-z) 

  • Numbers (0-9) 

  • Symbols (~`!@#$%^&*()+=_-{}[]\|:;”’?/<>,.)

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