In order to create a sync between Church Community Builder CCB and CCB dot Events, you need to create an API user in your CCB account. You will need to have permission to do this. 

To check whether or not you have permission, log in to your CCB account. 

Scroll all the way over to the right and click on Settings which is the Gear Icon. 

If you see the API option, you have the needed permission to continue.

 If you do not see this option or are unsure about anything, be in touch with your database administrator.

Click on the API option. You will see the API summary screen. 

Click on Add a new API User which is located to the right of the summary screen. 

You will see the New API User form. Complete this form with the needed details. 

  • For the name, we recommend something simple such as ‘ccbevents’ (one word, no spaces). 
  • For the username, we recommend using the same ‘ccbevents’ (one word, no spaces). 
  • Your password should be something which is difficult to guess. Please note that CCB passwords can only be characters and numbers (no special characters) with at least one number. 
  • Make a note of your API username and password. You will need them later.
  • The Primary Organization Contact Information is optional. If you wish, you can use the CCB dot Events contact information, but again, this is totally optional.

Then, click on Save which is located at the bottom, right-hand corner of the form.

You will again see the API summary screen. Click on the Users tab.

Scroll up and down the Users dropdown list to find the account you have just created. Usually, it will be easy to find because most churches only have a few accounts. 

Select your new user account from the list of users. Now, click on the name of your new API user. This is the first item in the API User

 Account Details section. You will be brought to the API User's Information page.

Click on the Services tab.

There are seven services which you need to enable in order to have successful communication between your CCB account and CCB dot Events.

The 7 services are:

  • Campus_list
  • Campus_profile
  • Group_profiles
  • Group_profile_from_id
  • Public_calendar_listing
  • Event_profiles (with an ‘s’)
  • and Event_profile (without an ‘s’)

Locate each service in the dropdown list. Click on the box to the left of the service name to enable the service. 

Make sure you have a check mark next to the seven services, and then, click Save which is located at the bottom, right-hand corner of the Services list.

You will see the API summary screen. You have now successfully created a new API user.

Look at the line ‘Your API URL’. Make a note of your account name. This is the word between the forward slash and the ‘.ccbchurch’. For example, in the URL “”, the account name is “multisite”. 

At this point, you have the three pieces of information needed to register your new API user with CCB dot Events: your API username, your API password, and your account name.

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