• Account : NetSuite Account Name
  • Username : Your logged in username
  • Role: Logged in role
  • Switch NetSuite Account/Role : Enables you switch to a different account or a role in a same account
  • Enable File Attachment : You need to enable your file attachment feature here, before you can start attaching your file attachments from email to NetSuite Records
  • Enable Debugger : This is for Celigo developers only to help them debug if you run into any issues 
  • Clear Cache : This will clear entire cached data in your app. On clicking this app will log you out and will be required to login to the app again using your NetSuite Credentials
  • Last Sales Activity Tracking :  This setting, enabled by default, will also pass the Sender/Recipient entities to the NetSuite message record which are required for NetSuite's Last Sales Activity (LSA) bundle. Unchecking this option will only pass the email address. LSA in NetSuite will be updated when the sender is also a sales rep in NetSuite. Emails must be attached from sent items folder or from compose mode in order to update the LSA.
  • Subject Inspection : This setting, enabled by default, will search the mail subject for a 5 digit number and fetch matching transaction records automatically. 
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