What is CloudExtend Outlook?

CloudExtend gives your organization visibility into important communications. Without CloudExtend your important emails remain invisible to others in your inbox. We offer an easy 1-click solution to attach your emails to NetSuite records directly from Outlook and more..

Get Started by following the steps below OR watching the all-in-1 video below

Step 1:  Install CloudExtend Outlook on Desktop or web
Step 2: Logging in CloudExtend Outlook
Step 3: Configure records that will be auto-fetched (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
Step 4:  3 ways to attach emails to NetSuite
Step 5:  How to save file attachments
Step 6:  How to save emails to NetSuite while in Compose mode
Step 7:  Learn how to create new Customer, Contacts and Tasks from Outlook
Step 8:  Learn how to search and view NetSuite records in CloudExtend Outlook
Step 9:  How to save Calendar events to NetSuite records 


Step 1: Setup and use actionable messaging
Step 2: Save emails from your Mobile device
Step 3: Setup TBA or SSO

Watch this 2:27 minute video to see a complete walk-through of all the above features:

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