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The Settings section enables you to customize the CloudExtend Gmail as per your preferences. Select the radio button and Save Changes.

NetSuite Connection in Context

This gives information about the NetSuite session that is linked to CloudExtend App. 

NetSuite Connection

Click this link if you want to update your linked NetSuite connection . It is required that you're logged in NetSuite session always matches the NetSuite connection.  Learn More .

App Preferences

Auto-load the App (Recommended to keep checked)

When Enabled - The App will load automatically when Gmail page is refreshed.

When Disabled - The App will load in minimized state and will open when the user presses the Celigo logo button in the mail. 

Auto-fetch related records (Recommended to keep checked)

 When this setting is enabled, and whenever an email is opened, CloudExtend app automatically searches for sender, recipient, CC emails, and any number greater than 4 digits (using NetSuite Global search to populate the relevant records). When this setting is disabled, user needs to click on the Celigo “O” button to fetch the related records.

Sync Preferences

Include attachments by default (Recommended to keep unchecked)
Enable this to to set up the App to include attachments by default on each email.


Click this link to download the current execution logs. In case of any errors or functionality issues download these logs and send them to the Celigo support via a support ticket . These logs help support engineers understand the context of an issue or an error. 

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