Shared Calendar Sync  

G Suite offers the following options for sharing calendars:

Approach 1 : Share user’s main calendar with someone so others can see user’s schedule. Link

Approach 2 : Create an additional shared calendars to track group activities, such as project schedules, or coworker vacations. Link

CloudExtend Sync Prerequisites:

  1. CloudExtend requires calendar to be owned by an end user in G Suite and have a corresponding Employee record in NetSuite.
  2. CloudExtend can sync user’s primary calendar only. 

With above prerequisites, CloudExtend can sync primary calendars shared via Approach 1.  Additional calendars that are shared with group/other users cannot be synced with NetSuite. 

Suggested Work around:

Admins can create a dummy user and share their primary calendar and enable license for this dummy user in CloudExtend Setup . Since this is a primary calendar CE will sync with NetSuite. 

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