This step requires your Google Apps Super Admin to authorize CloudExtend within NetSuite.

If end users are seeing the message below for more than a few seconds then round up your Google Apps Super Admin and ask them to follow the steps below.

Steps to grant access for Google Drive folder structure

Google Super admin logs into their Google Account and install Google Drive App to activate and grant access to CloudExtend's Google Drive component for the whole organization. 

Google Drive sync setup on Google Apps account

To install the CloudExtend for Google Drive app, you will need to sign in to the Google Apps admin portal as a Super Admin. 

From your G Suite admin console navigate to Security > Advanced Settings and click on Manage API client access.
There add the following details for ClientID and API scopes to create a new Authorized API client.
Client Id:
 API Scopes:,,,

Once this is done, The Google drive integration should be up and running for your organization.

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