Typically a NetSuite Admin will allocate licenses since their role is highly privileged and requires no special setup.

If the Admin will be allocating licenses (normal process) skip to Step 1

In the event that an organization wishes to delegate license allocation to a lesser privileged role the following permissions are required. 

The deployments for the following scripts (all from bundle 20497) need to have full permission enabled for the newly desired role.
- Celigo Google Installer UI (customscript_celigo_google_installer_ui)
- Celigo Google Authentication (customscript_celigo_google_oauth)
- Celigo License Manager (customscript_celigo_licensing_list)
- Celigo License Manager - Create License (customscript_celigo_licensing_srv_create)

The role also needs full access to the following custom records
- Celigo Employee Gmail (customrecord_celigo_gmail_email)
- Celigo Gmail Gadget Config (customrecord_celigo_gmail_gadget_configu)
- Celigo Google Control Panel (customrecord_celigo_google_config)
- Celigo Google OAuth Token  (customrecord_celigo_google_oauth_token)

Step 1: Launch Celigo CloudExtend for G SuiteSetup in NetSuite Setup > Custom > Celigo CloudExtend Setup Wizard.

In your NetSuite account, navigate to Setup > Custom > Celigo CloudExtend Setup

Step 2: Authorizing Google to access Netsuite account

  1. Access to Google – Click on Grant Access in the pop-up If you do not see the pop-up click on the ‘here’ link to bring up the page shown above in new tab and click Grant Access
  2. Click on Next when you see the Thank You message

Step 3: Complete Calendar and One-World Settings

Note: Calendar and OneWorld Settings are optional and will appear only if relevant to your account and license. 

Choose the relevant options to your account for the fields as pointed by arrows and click Next.

Step 4: Granting User Licenses

Choose one or more Employees to allocate license seats and click Next

You may click All to select/deselect all the employees for a particular product.

Step 5: Completion of Administrator Setup on NetSuite

Congratulations! You are done. Click Finish to go back to NetSuite.  All End users who have been allocated a license will receive an email from Celigo with instructions on downloading the extension from the Chrome Store.

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