CloudExtend Applications communicate with NetSuite using NetSuite web services. NetSuite does not support 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for their web services.

Two Options For Users With Roles Requiring 2FA

Option 1: Choose Token Based Authentication or Single Sign On

CloudExtend users with an Enterprise Edition license can enable Token Based Authentication (TBA) for their role and they will be able to sign in to highly privileged roles without 2FA. Please refer to the following two articles.

Trial Customers
Option 2 (below) is recommended. Alternatively we can enable TBA access for trial customers (keep in mind an Enterprise subscription will be needed to keep using it after the trial). Start a conversation using the chat icon at the bottom right and we'll get this scheduled for you.

 Option 2: Clone your 2FA role and uncheck 2FA box

If you are a trial user or license the Personal Edition this is option available for you.

Clone the role your NetSuite user would normally login under. Note, users on NetSuite 2018.2 and higher will not be able to use Admin or Full Access roles since NetSuite no longer supports these roles without 2FA.

  1. 🛑 Be sure the following permissions are not enabled for the role as these permissions will, by default, require 2FA.
    - Access Token Management
    - Two-Factor Authentication
    - Two Factor Authentication base
    - Integration Application
    - OpenID Single Sign-on
    - SAML Single Sign-on
    - Device ID Management
  2. Be sure to sign in with this new role through the App
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