Getting an error message similar to the screenshot below? This is not a unique issue to CloudExtend and impacts users of any add-in for Outlook. Here is a Microsoft article documenting what's not supported, specifically in the section called Mailbox items available to add-ins:

Why are you getting this error?

As of April 2019 Microsoft does not support add-ins when used with shared or delegate mailboxes. Since CloudExtend Outlook is a Microsoft add-in you will receive this message when attempting to use CloudExtend from a shared mailbox.

Microsoft has advised that they are investigating supporting this for all users. Once they do CloudExtend Outlook will also support it. Meanwhile check out the workarounds below.

2 Unsupported Workarounds

­čŤĹPlease note these workarounds are not supported by Microsoft or CloudExtend and could break at any time. We highly recommend you wait for Microsoft to officially support add-ins on shared mailboxes.

Option 1 | Use a full access mailbox instead of a shared mailbox

Since Microsoft add-ins work with full access mailboxes some users have reported being able to license another full access mailbox from Microsoft and have each user add it to their profile. From this point forward users would need to sign in to CloudExtend with their NetSuite email address and use the App.

  • Be sure that the your Exchange / Office 365 Admin also grants access to this mailbox to the users in the organization that will be using it.
  • Some users using the unsupported method above have reported having to login each time they switch mailboxes.

For more information, see the video below.

Option 2 | Unsupported process for Mac Users

We have found that Mac desktop users are able to use the app. This is not advertised as being supported by Microsoft so it may go away at any time. When the delegate or user accessing the shared mailbox is a licensed CloudExtend user they can navigate to the user's mailbox and attach emails to NetSuite records as if they are attaching emails from their own inbox. 

  1. Navigate to the mailbox you are a delegate for (or to the shared mailbox) and locate the email to attach
  2. Invoke CloudExtend and attach as usual

Learn  more about delegating mailboxes from Microsoft's website here.

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