The following features are on the short term CloudExtend roadmap. The timeline will be updated as our work progresses.  (All dates are tentative and subject to change).

New User Interface, Back End Changes, and More

Our engineers are hard at work rebuilding the back end and the way our App communicates with NetSuite. We expect significant performance improvements as well as productivity improvements for users.

  • Background updates will allow you to initiate an upsert and continue working on other workbooks in Excel. You'll even be able to turn off your computer. When you turn it back on and open Excel the results of your recent upserts will be delivered to you.  -  Q3 2019
  • A new intuitive user interface that will focus less on templates and more on what you want to accomplish - Q3 2019
  • Enhancements to the data filter that will allow you to store filters on worksheets thereby making them vastly more useful - Q3 2019
  • Repeatable Actions will allow you to repeat common actions such as downloading data or saved searches - Q3 2019
  • Our new back end will also allow us to add support for new record types faster than ever (we expect this capability to be live in Q3 2019)
  • We plan to support Next Gen Analytics based on API availability from NetSuite - no ETA

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