If you are encountering issues attaching files from your Outlook email this article may help.

Understand the file upload process

CloudExtend first attaches the email and then the files are sent via a background process. While the files are uploading CloudExtend prepends the name of the file with 'Uploading-yourfile name' (which users will see in the file column of the email message in NetSuite). This serves as a placeholder until the file is fully uploaded after which "Uploading" is removed from the beginning of the file name.

At this point, users should be able to click on the file name to view it. If this is not working for you then read on.

Troubleshooting Steps

Permission Issues

Ask your NetSuite Admin to check the permissions for your role. Make sure the role the user is logging in with has FULL ACCESS permissions to 'Documents and Files' in NetSuite (under the Lists sub tab in User Roles). In addition, NetSuite 2018.2 implemented a stricter policy for uploading files with suffixes .js and .html to the file cabinet so you might encounter a Permission Violation. You need the 'Allow JS/HTML Uploads' permission to access this page (under the Setup sub tab in user roles).

Check for the CloudExtend Outlook folder

CloudExtend attempts to create folder in the NetSuite file cabinet called CloudExtendOutlook. If this folder is missing files will fail to upload. A user with proper permissions can create this folder at the root level to solve the issue. 

Attaching from compose mode?

If you are composing an Outlook email with attachments you will not be able to attach the files until the email has been sent. The Outlook API requires that the attachments already be on your Exchange Server before they can be accessed via the API.

Therefore we recommend sending the email and opening it in your sent items folder to attach the email and files to NetSuite. 

You are attaching files from a shared mailbox 

The current Microsoft API used by CloudExtend does not support attaching 'files' from a shared mailbox. CloudExtend will leverage newer API's and expects to be able to add support for this later in 2020. This would also require that the user's Outlook be on an Office 365 subscription since it would also have access to the latest API's.

Your message was recently moved to your inbox from a shared mailbox

Files can only be attached when CloudExtend has the proper file ID from Microsoft. When a file is moved this ID changes. In some cases it happens fast, in other cases, it takes time. In such a case the user's local Outlook profile (or PST) file may not have fully synced yet and the new file ID is not available to CloudExtend.

If you are encountering this issue after moving the mail from another mailbox your files will likely not sync and you should manually upload them to the NetSuite record or OneDrive for Business / SharePoint (if your org subscribes to our Enterprise Edition).

Possible NetSuite caching issues

Some users have reported that fully uploaded files (ie accurate file sizes and not prepended with "Uploading") can still not be opened. However, in most cases the files are able to be opened after some time has passed, in some cases up to a day.
Users with the caching issue will typically see a screen that looks like this.

We reported this issue to NetSuite and NetSuite has advised that this could be a caching issue. To rule browser caching out NetSuite suggests opening a new incognito/private mode browser window. Next,  log in to NetSuite and navigate to the file and check that it opens properly. If it does not contact CloudExtend support using the chat icon at the bottom of this page or send an email to cloudextend-support@celigo.com.

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