Yes this is possible.  Your NetSuite Admin would need to enable access for the Setup wizard Suitelet and the corresponding custom records;  The following permissions are required:

1. Celigo Google Installer UI (customscript_celigo_google_installer_ui)
2. Celigo Google Authentication (customscript_celigo_google_oauth)
3. Celigo License Manager (customscript_celigo_licensing_list)
4. Celigo License Manager - Create License (customscript_celigo_licensing_srv_create)
-- all deployments of these suitelets need to have their role restriction relaxed to include the desired non-admin role

*Other Permission*

  1. Custom Records

1.1 Celigo Employee Gmail (customrecord_celigo_gmail_email)
1.2 Celigo Gmail Gadget Config (customrecord_celigo_gmail_gadget_configu)
1.3 Celigo Google Control Panel (customrecord_celigo_google_config)
1.4 Celigo Google OAuth Token  (customrecord_celigo_google_oauth_token)

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