👀See the bottom of this article for common error scenarios. In addition, there are a few housekeeping chores to keep in mind.


In order to ensure that you (and other employees in your organization) can be added as attendees NetSuite needs to be able to find the employees. In order do accomplish this we recommend one of two options.

  • Ask your NetSuite Admin to provide your role with View Access (minimum) to Employee Records. If your organization has concerns viewing sensitive data on employee records we recommend that they use custom forms to restrict the viewing of this data.
  • Ask your Admin to enable the NetSuite preference to 'show employees as contacts' under Setup->Company-General Preferences.

Screenshot of role with employee access level set to View.

Screenshot of setting to enable 'Show employees as Contacts' feature.

Attaching Calendar Events to NetSuite Records
Always select a contact/customer record where you want to log the activity, it is sufficient to select the key contact or customer and not all the available attendees. 

Similarly, if you want to log this as an activity on an Opportunity or any other transaction, click the search icon🔎 in the menu, search for respective transaction and attach. 

CloudExtend will map all the attendees Outlook as attendees in NetSuite and also attach to related customer record and the event will automatically appear on all the contacts and also on the customer record. 

How the organizer is mapped

When you attach an event to a NetSuite record, we attempt to search for Contact/Employee ID for the event organizer and then add them as the organizer, if no match is found, NetSuite will automatically default to the current logged in user. 

How attendees are mapped
For each attendee we will search for matching contacts based on email Id and add them as attendees, if we don't find a matching entity , they will be skipped from the attendee list.
By default organizer is also added as attendee, if you , as an employee , is the organizer of the event and your  role doesn't have access to search for your employee entity, app will not be able to search for your entity and add you as an attendee. 

Finding the attached event on attached records:
All attached events can be see on the "Activity" tab on the attached record. If there a multiple attendees on the event, the event can be seen on the attendees contact/customer record also. 

Finding the attached event on your calendar :

For the event to appear on your calendar, you need to be part of the attendee list, in a scenario where app was not able to find your employee entity and skips adding you as attendee, the attached event will not show up on your calendar. But it will still be there as an activity on attached contact/customer

Recurrence :
CloudExtend currently supports only single(one-time) events . Recurrence cannot be set while attaching events to NetSuite. When you open entire recurring series and attach, only the first instance of the recurrence event will be created in NetSuite. 

Common Error Scenarios

Contact not mapped to company

This occurs when the contact to whom you attached the event is not mapped to company . To work around, map the contact to a company or attach to another contact in the event who has a company mapped. 

End date & Start date related errors:

Make sure the timezone selected in the app is same as your employee time zone in NetSuite. You can verify this by clicking on 3 horizontal dots (. . .) in the menu and then click on settings.  You can verify and change the selected time zone from here. 

Attached Event is not seen on your calendar:

Make sure you have access to your employee record and have met the prerequisites detailed at the beginning of the article. 

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