Starting with our 13th May 2019 release, CloudExtend Outlook will automatically add a category to all emails attached to NetSuite for users on Outlook 2016 or higher. In order to avoid any conflict with existing colors it is initially set to transparent.

When categories are enabled you will be able to quickly identify emails that were attached to NetSuite in two places, (1) the category column of your email will display the color you assigned to the category, and (2) your message body will display both the category color and the proper verbiage, "Attached to NetSuite".

The following will help you to enable the category, add it to master list of categories and add a color of your choice to the created category. 

If you don't see the category after following these steps be sure to follow the Troubleshooting steps at the end of the article.

Here's how it works

Upon attaching your first email, you will see a one time notification as below.

Note : The category is not created on installation. It is created only after you attach your first email.  

Once you see the notification, please follow the below steps to enable the category and add a color of your choice. 

IMPORTANT - The process is different for Mac and PC users. Follow the instructions for your OS below.

Windows Users

Step 1: Within Outlook, click on Categories and then "All Categories"

Step 2: There you will find "Attached to NetSuite" category with suffix "Not in Master Category List"

Step 3: Select "Attached to NetSuite" & then Click on "New"

Step 4: It will open a "Add New Category" dialog.

  • Select new color 
  • Provide a name -> "Attached to NetSuite"
  • Click OK 

Step 5 : You would see a new Color mapped to "Attached to NetSuite" category

Step 6 : Now go back to the mail you attached and you would see the "Attached to NetSuite" 

Once above steps are done, every time you attach a new email, you will see that all attached mails are categorized as with "Attached to NetSuite" Category automatically.

Mac Users

Mac categories are processed in a slightly different way than on PC's. Even though CloudExtend adds the category it will not show for the user until the steps below are completed.

Click edit categories per the screenshot below and then follow the 4 remaining steps.

  1. Click the "+" to begin the process
  2. Enter the name "Attached to NetSuite" (the name must be entered exactly as indicated)
  3. If desired, click the category color to change it
  4. Select a new color and click Add.

Your emails will now be automatically categorize when attached to NetSuite.


If you receive a message indicating that CloudExtend could not add a category and you are using Outlook 2016 please try the following steps.

  • Open the categories
  • Click 'new' and type the following (must be exact including proper case) Attached to NetSuite
  • Assign a color and save your choice

If the category color is not showing up for you in List View it's likely that Outlook just needs to be configured to show it. 

Microsoft has instructions for this based and they vary based on your OS.

  • If you're running Outlook on a Windows PC click here for instructions on how to add the 'category' field to your list of columns
  • If you're running Outlook on a Mac click here for instructions on how to add the 'category' field to your list of columns.
    Note - Mac users need to temporarily hide your reading pane or set the view to bottom.
  • Microsoft doesn't support attaching a category when the mail is in compose mode. If you attach an email while composing and then send it , you will not be seeing category added to that email in Sent folder. 
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