Follow each step below to ensure a smooth installation:


  1. IMPORTANT: For Outlook add-ins to load and function properly, there are a number of requirements for both the servers and the clients. In addition, for CloudExtend add-ins there are several NetSuite prerequisites.  Please view those here (and adjust your NetSuite settings accordingly).
  2. Install the CloudExtend Bundle. Instructions here.
  3. Login to with the Microsoft ID previously provided to me.
  4. Follow these instructions to allocate the license(s).  
  5. Post allocation there are two ways to get the App to users.
    - Your O365 Admin can install the app for end users by following the instructions here.
    - Users can install on their own. All users will receive an email from the CloudExtend team with installation instructions within 2 hours of being allocated a license.
  6. Get started with CloudExtend OneDrive for Business
  7. Learn how to save emails from a Mobile Device here.
  8. Schedule a quick crash course with your Account Executive and your users by using the meeting link here. or pass this 9 minute training video along to end users.
  9. Review our Best Practice Guide here. (Highly Encouraged!)

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