This article applies to the following CloudExtend Apps.

  • CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite

  • CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite

  • CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite

  • Users on the beta version of CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite and ultimately all Gmail users when the beta moves to production in late 2021.

CloudExtend login flow overview

The CloudExtend login flow supports all NetSuite login flows out of the box without the administrative overhead of managing tokens. 

  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • SAML Single Sign On

  • Token Based Authentication

  • Basic User Credentials


NetSuite Account Number
In order to use the login flow you will need your NetSuite Account Number. This can be located in the URL while you are logged in to NetSuite in a browser.

End User Permissions

Please make sure your Admin has set up the following permissions for the roles you plan to login with.

  1. SOAP Web Services - SOAP Web Services are required for the App to communicate with NetSuite post login

  2. User Access Tokens - When your role has this permission the NetSuite login flow will automatically generate tokens on your behalf and log you in with token based authentication which can greatly reduce NetSuite concurrency issues.
    Users without this permission will see an error when logging in (""You cannot continue this authorization flow. Your current role has insufficient permission. Please contact your account administrator." and will need to click the back button and will only be able to login with basic credentials. Learn more here.

  3. Optional - SAML Single Sign On. If your organization uses Single Sign On (SSO) then your role likely already has SAML Single Sign On enabled. Note that if you have SSO enabled for any of your roles you will not be able to login to roles that do not support SSO.


If you're not sure what any of this means don't worry about it, your Admin will understand and can help set this up. Click here to send them an email request or share this article with them.

Logging In

Logging in for the first time consists of a few steps.

Important Note About NetSuite deprecation of basic credential login

NetSuite has deprecated support for users that login with basic credentials (using the link shown in the screenshot below). Users should only click 'Connect to NetSuite' which will start NetSuite's own 3 step secure authorization flow. If you have trouble ask your admin to provision the user access tokens permission to your role.

  1. Open the add-in and click 'Authenticate with NetSuite' or 'Login to NetSuite'

  2. Enter your NetSuite User Name (typically your email address)

  3. IMPORTANT, on the next screen enter your NetSuite account number and click 'Connect to NetSuite'. Do not click 'login with user name and password' option (see screenshot below) as NetSuite has deprecated support for this option as of 2021.2.

  4. The App will guide you through the remaining steps based on your NetSuite role.
    Below you can see a role with 2-factor authentication logging in via the Outlook App. Excel has the same steps.

  5. You will be logged out of your current NetSuite session the first time you login. Don't worry though, once logged in you'll be able to have both sessions active at the same time. As long as you don't logout of CloudExtend you won't need to enter your credentials again, even if your password expires.

  6. If you see the error below then please ask your admin to enable user access tokens for you and try again.

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