Seeding is a method of incentivizing content creation. Rather than relying on tipping or other purely-altruistic notions, seeding invents a concept of “incentivized giving” that effectively incentivizes everyone involved.

Seeding is what incentivizes other users to look at a post and respond. When you seed a post with ETH, 25% of your seeded ETH immediately goes to the creator of the post. The remaining 75% of your seeded ETH is given to those who have seeded before you. If you happen to seed a post first, that 75% is returned to you.

To illustrate by way of an example, let's say that you see a post that you think is cool. You seed it with $1.00 worth of ETH. 75¢ of that will be evenly distributed amongst those who seeded that post before you and 25¢ goes to the creator of the post.

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