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Migrating to Cent + Magic Links
Migrating to Cent + Magic Links
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In April 2020, Cent launched a Magic Link integration, whereby you sign in by clicking a "magic" link sent to your email at login. This integration also provides you with an Ethereum address, secured by the integration, that is used whenever you transact on Cent. Because of this innovation, you no longer needed to have your web3 wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc) to access your Cent account and funds.

For new users, there is no migration process. For OGs who haven't logged in in a while, you'll need to migrate to the new experience. You'll be presented with a popup that looks like the following:

This window shows the web3 addresses you linked in the past. It may be 1, 2, or more. To Migrate to Web3, click the Web3 button (as seen above). After you click Web3, a popup from MetaMask will appear. In that MetaMask window, click Sign. That's it!


If you do not have access to the addresses listed, you will need to create a new account and link a new address. There is no way for Cent to connect an inaccessible address. If you would like us to delete your old account, email us at

If you click the Web3 button and you receive the "No web3 found" error message, you need to double check that you have installed the MetaMask browser plugin or mobile app.

If you click the Web3 button and receive the "address not linked" error message, open MetaMask and switch to one of the addresses listed in the migration window.

If you see any other error message: open MetaMask, and switch to the Ethereum Network (you may have been on Matic or some other network).

Migration is required, and without it we can't provide access to the funds in your Cent account. This is a one-time process, after which you no longer need access to the older address.

If you are having trouble completing this process please reach out to us. However, keep in mind that without access to one of those old addresses, there is nothing that the team at Cent can do! Such is the power of cryptography, for better or worse.

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