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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Valuables, buying and selling tweets, and tech support

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Why would someone buy a tweet?

Every day, valuable moments happen within the span of a tweet. Turning these moments into NFTs captures that value in the form of digital collectibles. Purchasing an NFT from someone creates the beginning of a direct relationship between you and them. That’s pretty cool.

What does it mean to own a tweet?

What you are purchasing is a “digital certificate” of that tweet. The digital certificate is called an NFT, and it is signed by its creator’s @handle on twitter. Like an autograph on a baseball card, the NFT is the creator’s autograph on a digital file, making it unique and valuable.

What is an NFT?

NFTs are digital certificates of authenticity issued by their creators. As the owner of an NFT, you control where it is seen, if it can be transferred, when it is resold, and more. NFTs can fluctuate in value just like any other scarce asset or collectible.

NFTs “verify” content by minting it on the blockchain. The blockchain is a decentralized system of computers that is open for anyone to participate in. When you mint an NFT on the blockchain, essentially everyone in that system is saying “yep, this is the one!

What is Ethereum (ETH)?

Ethereum (ETH) is a cryptocurrency with real world value. You should definitely do your own research on how cryptocurrency works, but for now all you need to know is that you can convert ETH to traditional currencies like $USD using a service like Coinbase.

In order to interact with ETH, you’ll have to create a MetaMask wallet first.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a digital wallet for ethereum and it adds on to your desktop’s browser as an extension. On mobile it will be its own standalone browser, and on desktop you can add it to Chrome or Firefox. Go to to install it.

Warning! When you connect an ETH address (from metamask) to your twitter handle using Valuables, it can not be unlinked. You use this address to autograph tweets; it’s uniquely tied to your account.

Transferring a tweet out of Valuables

In order to enable resales, we currently custody the tweet in Cent’s digital wallet. If you’d like to request a manual transfer of your tweet to your personal wallet, send us an email at Make sure you configure your metamask to use matic so you can move the asset around. We’ll confirm your address with you before we send it over manually.

After we transfer it to you, Valuables will no longer be able to process the transactions for resales and you will have to do so manually using opensea (they are currently working on enabling this for us!)

If I want to move a tweet I own out of Valuables, do I have to pay gas fees?


How long does it take for a manual transfer of my tweet to my wallet?

Once we process your request, your NFT will show up immediately.


What happens if I buy a tweet on Valuables but then the author deletes the tweet on Twitter?

On Valuables, you’re purchasing an autographed certificate of the tweet. That certificate, and the metadata (who posted it, when it was posted, and more) will always remain on the blockchain and in the certificate is a link to a screenshot of the tweet. Right now, we serve the screenshots but we’re working with Arweave to include permanent backups soon. Currently that part is centralized but we’re working to decentralize it.

What can I do with tweets I own?

You can resell them on Valuables or display them in your digital gallery.

After I buy an NFT on Valuables can I use the content of the tweet to print on t-shirts or other merchandise to sell?

No. You own the autographed certificate of the tweet, establishing a unique, direct relationship between you and the tweet author. You do not own the copyright. (But maybe one day you could?)

Is Valuables a stock company? Can I invest?

We’re not a publicly traded company.

Tech Questions

Where is the contract that pays out fees/royalties? Do you guys own all the tweets?

All tweets live on Matic, we simply custody the tweets so you can resell them on Valuables. To move tweets to your wallet, email and we will initiate the manual transfer.

The address that receives bids and sends refunds is: 0xe14ab3ee81abe340b45bb26b1b166a7d2df22585

The address that pays out auctions is: 0x19999c224aa48d7911702c03b5029d6d333d01bd

Is the “permanent” linking of Twitter accounts to wallet addresses stored off-chain or on-chain?

Off-chain. This information is also embedded in the tweet as a signature.

How many times can someone mint the same tweet?

A tweet can only be minted once using Valuables. However, the NFT generated can be bought and sold an unlimited number of times to multiple people in succession.

Can I unlink my wallet? I connected the wrong MetaMask.

Because your identity on Valuables is confirmed through MetaMask, we can’t alter that - but you can add a new wallet!

  1. In the MetaMask browser plugin, click the top right circle.

  2. Click Add a New Account.

Can I change the twitter account associated with my ethereum address?

Once an ethereum address has been linked with a twitter account, it cannot be linked to another twitter account.

Where do the NFT and metadata live?

All NFT metadata lives on the matic blockchain. Click the link following TOKEN ID to see the tweet’s screenshot (upper right) and its metadata (second tab).

What else is stored in the metadata of the NFT?

The metadata includes: the timestamp when it was tweeted, the text contents within the tweet itself, the url to a screenshot of the tweet, the date when it was sold, and a digital autograph from its creator’s digital wallet address.

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