What are Cent Pages?
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Pages are Cent’s premium NFT-publishing platform: Personalized, branded pages styled to fit your needs. Use them to build an audience of direct subscribers who will be notified every time you release an NFT.

Cent Pages make NFT publishing super easy, with no technical knowledge required. You can browse some examples of Cent Pages built by a variety of creators here.

Cent Pages include free audience-management and content-distribution tools. Creatives of all types—artists, authors, poets, musicians, podcasters, photographers, filmmakers, videographers, animators, influencers, meme-makers, brands, businesses, institutions, and more—can use Cent Pages to distribute NFTs they create to fans and followers with just a few clicks.

Audience lists you build with Cent Pages can be exported and taken with you anywhere.

Basically: If you can create it as a digital file, you can make it available as an NFT that your audience can collect through Cent Pages.

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