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Making an image collectible on your website
Making an image collectible on your website
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Once the script tag is added to your website and your domain has been approved you are ready to start making images collectible on your website.

  1. Log in to Cent and go to the Manage Website view ( You will see a section for managing your collectibles with a link to your website. Click on this link.

  2. The link will open up your website in “management mode”. This mode is triggered by the addition of a query string in the URL. In this mode you will see a “Setup” button on all assets on your webpage that can be turned into collectibles.

  3. Click the “Manage” button and a form will pop up in a modal. Use the form to specify the details of your collectible and hit "Publish".

  4. You’ve just made your first collectible! Click the Exit button with Cent logo on the top right of the page to exit management mode. You are now seeing your website how any visitor would see your page. Now over the image you should see a “Collect” button appear. If a user clicks “Collect” they will mint an NFT of the image and it will be added to the collection in your Cent wallet.

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