The fixed Centercode CVF Project Template available in your portal contains User and Feedback Macros for you to utilize. A Macro is a single instruction that expands automatically into a set of instructions to perform a particular task. In this use case, we're adjusting user score. The User Macro provided grants users +1 point for logging in daily. The Feedback Macros provided grant users +points for providing Bug Reports, Suggestions, and Private Journals. 

These macros simply need to be activated if your Project is based off of the CVF Project Template, which distills decades of collective Customer Validation experience and proven methodologies into a framework.

To activate any of these macros:

  1. Click Users or Feedback Type (Bug Reports, Suggestions, Private Journals
  2. Click Moderate Macros or Manage Feedback Macros & Automation 
  3. Click Moderate Macro Schedules or Automate Feedback (Scheduled and Triggered Macros)
  4. Hover over and click Archive to move the macro from Archive State to Active State
  • Feel free to adjust any settings and preferences to suit your needs

Activate provided macros to start scoring users!


  • Community scoring should be used to track overall user contribution or major, program-level milestones of account activity. 
  • Project scoring should track user contribution throughout individual Projects. Project score should be used to “boil up” participation and contribution scoring to the Community. This allows you to develop a fully profiled and scored panel of engaged testers for easier tester recruitment.

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